Vitamin D is not only a vitamin but a hormone too, which means body cells have vitamin d receptors on them. vitamin d deficiency leads to poor bone mineralization and also causes numerous chronic diseases, such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer,heart disease and hypertension.According to studies, vitamin d deficiency is found in women suffering from pcos. There is a direct link between vitamin d and female reproduction or vitamin d and PCOS. Vitamin d is responsible for regulating different endometrial and ovarian functions.Vitamin d is a crucial vitamin for PCOS. Here are three reasons how vitamin d and PCOS are regulated to each other and how they affect your baby.


According to a study, infertile PCOS women experienced improvement in menstrual regularity after three months of consuming 100 mg of calcium and 400iu per day of vitamin d. vitamin d improves egg quality, helps in egg development and overall fertility.


Overweight women with PCOS who took vitamin d supplementation for 2 months saw improvements in their triglycerides, insulin and cholesterol levels. It also reduces blood pressure and testosterone in women.


It has been found that vitamin D deficiency can cause depression in both women with and without PCOS. so, try to maintain your vitamin D level for better mental health. Vitamin D can improve your emotional state and energy, which can lead to even more wellness gains. Vitamin D supplements are not ” miracle pills” that will make PCOS and other illnesses disappear, but they could be an important part of living well with PCOS.

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