Some of us are not blessed with the magic metabolism or those right genes. Keeping my weight in check has been a constant struggle- that is till the inner self raised the much needed alarm ( well the weighing scale tipping to the right forever was a big reason too!) And the way for my will lead me to Monisha at Nourish me-my nutritionist who believes in being my friendly guide to healthy eating – with special care for my ever yearning Punjabi taste buds in tact. With Monisha one continues “living” a life of food that one likes( albeit no excesses) ,doses of balanced nutrition, topped with workouts. Her ever smiling disposition and keen interest in one’s health pushes one further- and all these weeks of her guidance and my determination are showing results which I am proud of – the compliments on my weight loss just keep rolling. The weighing scale is forever tipping to the left now.Yes, leading a healthy lifestyle is my new mantra for life,thanks to Monisha. So if you are facing weight issues, don’t hesitate to pay Monisha a visit for the ever friendly,rightful guidance on how to lose weight and still keep living.

Jagriti Kohli

I hereby proudly say that Monisha helped me with my weight loss program to the next level. Being a foodie person I had my concerns with diet programs as a whole but Monisha showed me a new dimension. She helped me with a customised diet specially crafted to suit my lifestyle. Her passion about making a change is People’s life and patience is what makes her standout nutritionist. Moreover it was her motivation counselling that helped me gain momentum to loose weight. I would highly recommend her to all for your nutrition/dietician needs. She’s undoubtedly the goto person for changing your lifestyle and switching to a healthier life. Thanks a lot Monisha and all the best for your future. Keep doing what you are doing because it’s worth it. Best Regards,

Pranav Shukla

I had been trying to loose weight unsuccessfully for last 3 years. In my journey, I did all possible things from dieting to gym but to no avail, until I met this beautiful coach in Monisha. She has been working with me for last 3 months and during this span, i had reduced 11 kgs. Not only I feel much fitter but also much more alive. She understood my food preferences, work schedules and lifestyle and accordingly charted a diet which was balanced and practical. I am not sure if a ‘Thank You’ can sum up my admiration for her but truly Monisha, you are a champion. Keep rocking and inspiring people.
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Gagan Pal Singh Neota

I have been talking and consulting with Monisha for almost 4-5 months now and to me she is more a friend than a nutritionist or a dietician. With Monisha I learned how to understand the food I eat and how to make good choices life long. She makes you understand how your body works, celebrates when you achieves goals, is extremely friendly and goes a long way into making the whole process not a exercise but a fun learning curve. The results I have had are not just physical but also a lot of mental changes which I will imbibe for a lifetime.

Sarthak Jain

Its been three month with Monisha now and i can say that she is perfectionist in her field she knows very well how to make her client achieve the target without much effort . She gives you diet according to your comfort zone with little twist which does wonder. I’ve lost 10kgs weight without losing energy.She is always there for queries and helps and is quick to respond to anything.The diet plan doesn’t make u feel starved or fatigued, instead it is highly nutritious.thank u so much monisha for helping me achieve my goal weight with such ease. Thanks alot Monisha A long way to go yet !!

Sneha Pathak

In today’s fast life ,we generally are not aware of our health neither we take care of it. Nourish Me will not only create that awareness,but also will motivate you towards it.They will guide you with healthy balanced diet, along with proper fitness regime. Monisha is a great influence….as she has been one in my life. Just be true to yourself,work towards it & see the difference.
Sayantan Ghosh - Testimonial

Sayantan Ghosh

As we know you Are what you eat. This page lIVES by it. Like it to know about your bodies and what actually is killing you and what is NOURISHING YOU . Don’t make the mistake of just working on one component . Like it to know all you need.

Ankush Sikka

I lost 10 kgs with Monisha in a span of 2 months 15 days. What I really like is her demeanour and positive attitude. She plans her diet around the the things you like to eat and there are always options :). Am still eating my chicken and paneer but the right way. Honestly if you could lose weight yourself you have by now, but a little help from Monisha will be enough to keep you fit and healthy.
Divya puri - Testimonial

Divya Puri

Monisha is a complete Nutritionist rather than a mere dietician! She customise the diet suiting to one’s lifestyle, keeping in mind that we are not deprived of any nutrition! As rightly said, sometimes we need someone to hold our hands and walk with us to the right path. All of us know what is right or wrong for us, but we seldom follow. She not only helps u with guiding the right food, but also motivates for a right combination of workout. Each kilo lost and each inch reduced is dedicated to her!! Thanks a ton!

Sakshi Tripathy

It has been 2 months now with Monisha and every single day I had felt more energetic and active. The best part about her is even when you give up or loose your hope in your process, she just peps you up and ensure that you carry on with your journey. Her diet charts, consultations, advice on breaking weight loss plateau had all contributed to the results I have achieved in this process so far. Once again, thanks Monisha for all your hard work and support…God bless You!
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Manmeet Kaur

Monisha is absolutely amazing , not only as a dietician but also as a person who doesn’t push you too much and keeps the diets realistic and practical. I had gone to her when I hit a point where nothing was working and I was not able to loose weight. With her diet not only did I loose the weight that I targeted but am also able to maintain it as I feel my metabolism has increased. Thanks Monisha..keep doing the good work!!
ruchira prashad - Testimonial

Ruchira Prasad

It’s been a truly enriching experience with Monisha. There are no fads or quick-fixes here, so unlike other nutrition plans, you don’t have to worry about going off track post. Monisha ensures that you understand ‘food’ and ‘nutrition’ in the most beneficial manner, something that you can stick with longterm. Her consultations go beyond weight loss and focus on ensuring the best choices for YOUR lifestyle.
Rhea Bhattacharya Testimonial

Rhea Bhattacharya

I have been in touch with Monisha and following Nourish Me health program. Its 2.5 months and happy to regain lost energy by losing 10kg. The best things is you do not feel hungry also the way she gives the diet plan. Thanks Monisha!!

Ashwini Dhingra

Monisha’s diets are working for me very well. The best thing about her diet is that I do not feel deprived of any thing. They are hassle free and doable and one doesn’t have to go out of one’s way looking for ingredients. I have also found it easy to follow while travelling. Her approach is very professional and that is what I like about her.

Bhagyashri Dengle

I think I made a very wise decision to come to monisha to help me not just in losing weight but also adopt a healthier lifestyle which not just gives temporary effect but has a long lasting impact on my health and well being. Monisha is very encouraging and thanks to her I look thinner and feel better about myself. A big thank you to you.
Lavanya Jain - Testimonial

Lavanya Jain

It’s been a pleasure being enrolled in a health programm which improves your health ..i have lost 10 kgs in 3 months  and with severe thyroid case my thyroid levels are absolutely normal. This is the biggest change so far as nothing could change my thyroid figure!… monisha is not just a great nutritionist but also a fitness expert who motivates me to push my workout level…also I have never starved with her . Nourish me provides healthy and tasty diets and u feel nourished thanks a lot for my New look!

Divya Satija

Monisha basically made it very simple by fixing the food intelligence in me so instead of dealing with cravings she gave us wisdom on junk and then it was simple once ur mindset is fixed on aftermath of junk Just in case cravings were too powerful she was always approachable on Wup to advise how to deal Now even on cheat days food intelligence Steps in and drives me away…
Sunjjoy Daadhicch - Testimonial

Sunjjoy Daadhicch

Monisha is a lovely person . I am glad I got in touch with Monisha. She is easily approachable , gives good time, well it’s more like conversing with a friend than meeting your dietitian. She understands your body needs and guides you to adapt a healthier way of living . I would highly recommend Nourish Me if you looking to bring a healthy change to your lifestyle.
Nitika Chawla Rajput - testimonial

Nitika Chawla Rajput

Eat People…. eat as much as u can… And that’s the best part about the Nourish Me… They don’t limit the Quantity. but the Quality of the intake of our meals… I have got amazing results without a feeling of being restricted in terms of food.. Rather Nourish Me, helped to pick me the right kind of delicacies… It does justifies it’s name… Nourish Me.
Maitri Deb - Testimonial

Maitri Deb

Monisha is a really good dietician. She was highly recommended by a friend. Honestly her prescribed diets are pretty easy to follow and highly effective. Lost 9 kgs in 3 months, which included quite some overeating and partying on the occassions of Diwali and New Years. Thanks Monisha for helping me in rediscovering my old self!!!
Sonam - testimonial

Sonam Sharma

I see & feel the change for sure ! Monisha is very cooperative. I would really like to appreciate the work she is doing!

Srishti Samrat Dutta

Helped me big time and is something trustworthy.WAY TO GO..CHEERS !!!!!!!!

Ashish Arrow Sicario

I still love it nd will keep following it as it introduces you to the right kind of lifestyle and for the sheer dedication of the founders of Nourish.

Rajita Sinha

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