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It’s that time of the year, when in our childhood we used to wait for Diwali sweets, lighted streets and family get-together. And today I see people waiting for the same get-together but dreading their post Diwali weight gain.  This fear never came with the package in our childhood days. Not following a healthy lifestyle throughout the year and crying over Diwali weight gain is just like not studying throughout the year and crying over poor marks. If you have a healthy lifestyle along with regular work out routine, then you shouldn’t lose your sleep over a few grams here & there during Diwali time:) This Diwali let’s start with not giving false hopes to our body. We plan a healthy sweet free Diwali and then can’t resist sweets followed by a long guilt trip. All this can be a lot easier if u plan to eat your sweets wisely and don’t stop exercising.

Learn to accept a slight increase in your weight  and say “ITS OK ” as long as you have been watchful and conscious about what you ate. On the other hand if you are binge eating for days (using one day Diwali festival as an excuse to binge for a month), have a back up plan to shed those 2 to 3 kg that u will put on. Getting shocked at the weight gain won’t help. Instead shocking your body with some change of exercise and food routine might help to break that weight plateau. Having said that, being a sweat lover myself, I will not tell you to not have sweets. Just have them intelligently, slowly and mindfully. 

Some tips to reduce Diwali damage:

Whatever pre-Diwali sweets you get from relatives, you can taste one or two and distribute them to needy people. Don’t make it your business to polish off the full box.
Regular exercise without fail. If you can’t go to the gym, go for a 45 mins walk or jog. There is no other magic way to burn calories if you don’t want to starve for this sudden weight gain. 

Eat sweets twice or maximum thrice during Diwali week.

Preferably have sweets during morning hours and skip any other form of sugar that you would usually take in your tea, coffee etc during the day. replace your high calorie dinner with some lean protein and a big bowl of salad and some lemon
juice. Keep your water intake high both before and after Diwali Party as it would help you get rid of extra water retention in the body

Let your Diwali be a celebration and not a cry for help!

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