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Aphrodisiacs- a food, plant, drug or a substance that arouses sexual instinct, sexual behaviour and brings on desire or increases sexual pleasure or performance. Since the beginning of time, both men and women have sought aphrodisiacs which is actually unanimous. These can be natural i.e food or unnatural i.e synthetic chemicals. Both male and females can benefit from the use of aphrodisiacs, but they are more focused on males as their properties tend to increase testosterone (male sexual hormone) levels more rather than estrogen (female sexual hormone) levels. Aphrodisiacs can be classified by their mode of action into three types: those that increase libido, potency, or sexual pleasure.

Basically, foods considered aphrodisiacs are those that aim to stimulate and arouse the love senses like sight, touch, taste or smell. This article reviews 15 various science-backed aphrodisiac foods that can boost your libido

1. Pumpkin- pumpkin is high in potassium and magnesium which is both good for stamina and help calm nerves.
2. Champagne- limited amount of alcohol can increase sexual desire whereas larger amount can reduce libido.
3. Ginseng- affects the central nervous system and increases libido.
4. Apples- apples are highly associated with sex drive and better stamina.
5. Celery- contains small amounts of androsterone, which is male pheromone for sexual drive.
6. Saffron- helps to increase sperm motility and sexual drive.
7. Hot yet? – yes, the foods that create warmth and have chilly or spicy touch like red chillies, bell peppers can help increase sexual mood and drive.
8. Avocados- are high in folic acid and thus helps to increase both estrogen and testosterones.
9. Bananas- believed to increase a man’s sex drive and has high levels of potassium which is great for overall health.
10. Chocolate- the natural caffeine doesn’t hurt, a dark chocolate that’s at least 70% dark can do wonders with sex mood.
11. Salmon- is high in omega3 and thus increases the production of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.
12. Nuts- almonds, walnuts, pine nuts are a great source of omega-3 with help in hormone production.
13. Honey- this liquid gold helps increases the blood flow and helps with erections and better sexual drive.
14. Strawberries- a wonder fruit for the production of sex hormones and chemical neurotransmitters and increases libido.
15. Erotic edibles- fruits like cherries, watermelons and vegetables like onions, asparagus, watercess etc, are known to increase sperm count and sexual desire. Heavily seeded fruits like pomegranates and figs are like “seeds of fertility’’ as they increase the estrogen levels and fertility in woman.

Spoilers…? Yay, so some foods are also the spoilers in the process. Microwaveable popcorns, milk, cheese, or dairy products can have synthetic hormones and can negatively affect estrogen and testosterones levels.
Good Food, Good Mood…!!!

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