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    Seeking a healthier lifestyle? But don’t forget making healthy choices always ask for effort. You will have to find time to prepare healthy food, and the energy to exercise regularly. Learning to balance your life will benefit you in many ways for the rest of your life.

    Nourish Me is here to help you achieve your healthy life goal & hit your ideal weight with the expert team of best nutritionist in Delhi providing practical diet plans. To get into the right shape you need a diet with optimum nutrients. We design diet programs in such a way that you don’t have to go under the hustle of buying any supplements.

    Nourish Me by Monisha Ashokan believes in a holistic approach & considers other factors like sleep cycle, exercise, and work stress to create a nutrition diet plan for an individual. We believe the amount of exercise, diet, sleep, and stress level determines the severity of any health risk. Maintaining a balance in all those reduces the risk of severe and autoimmune diseases. 

    To get health back on track, one needs to understand the facts about nutrition and hydration. Make healthy food choices with us & let your favorite meals remain a part of your diet virtually.

    Dietician and Nutritionist in Delhi
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    Popular Programs: Best Dietician in Delhi

    Weight Loss

    Weight loss

    Every year, millions of adults try to weight lose & get trapped in the challenge of starving or buying fancy products that cost bombs. But they forget that along with exercise, diet also promotes weight loss. Nourish Me, best dietician in Delhi helps to fill such a gap. Nourish Me prepares a diet plan which prioritizes your food with a low-calorie density and includes access to a virtual coaching team, interactive lessons, & tools to promote weight loss with their nutritionist.

    Weight gain

    Weight Gain

    Being underweight is equally unhealthy as being obese. It leads to issues like nutritional deficiency, low immune system, high infection risk, and fertility issues in women. People should make sure the food in their diet has an effective result. Take proper guidance from Nourish Me By Monisha Ashokan, best nutritionist in Delhi to understand the reason for being underweight. A nutritionist helps you gain weight in a way based on your needs.

    child Nutrition

    Child Nutrition

    Every child is unique, & dietician and nutritionist focus on child comfort to provide children with holistic well-being. Nourish Me dietician and Nutritionist's utmost priority is providing the best nutritional value to children to remain healthy & potent as they grow The Children's health assessment at Nourish Me includes: Nutritional scoring, Eating patterns, Body composition analysis, Diet intake History, Eating disorders, Anthropometry.

    Thyroid Management

    Thyroid Management

    Supplements can’t reverse the thyroid but a thyroid-friendly healthy and balanced diet can support thyroid functioning & knowledge is required to understand the impact of food on thyroid health. Food that is heavily processed often has a lot of empty calories that aren't supported by the body. Monisha personally talks to you for a better understanding of your mental and medical conditions to prepare a simple lifestyle change for better thyroid health.

    Diabetics Management

    Diabetics Management

    It is simple to consume more food than is necessary. According to studies, when given extra food, people tend to eat more which leads to uneven blood sugar. It could be challenging to plan meals that meet a diabetic's schedule. Now is the time to visit Nourish Me for a dietician in Delhi near you. Here dietician will work with a diabetes educator to plan out a healthy diet program just for you. dieticians at Nourish Me keep in mind a few points before creating a diet plan, such as Track carbs counting.

    Prenatal And Postnatal

    Prenatal And Postnatal

    The basic principle of pregnancy is a healthy balanced diet that promotes your baby’s growth & development. In addition to making healthy food choices, taking prenatal exercise, supplements & guidance is another important factor. Even with a balanced diet, it's possible to omit important nutrients. Consider Nourish Me for a prenatal & postnatal diet chart if you're concerned about what to eat during your pregnancy. The pregnancy diet chart is not for weight gain/loss, or solving any physical issue, it is for growing life within you.

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    dietician and nutritionist in delhi - Dt Monisha Ashokan

    Customized Diet Plans by Best Dietician in Delhi

    Every person has a different body and different reasons for the current body state. A diet plan always differs for each person. The diet plans designed by Nourish Me are according to individual needs. Each program prepared by Nourish Me is a combination of lifestyle, Planning, and nutrition balance in your plate to reach your nutritional and healthy living goals.
    Additionally, Nourish Me provides tailored nutrition regimens, which are essential in several physical and medical situations. These are particularly special diet plans that necessitate individual diet customization, ongoing supervision, and health monitoring by a qualified and experienced dietician and nutritionist like Monisha. She will asses your health, height, weight, age, sex, allergic issues, and nutritional requirements when starts working on your nutritional requirements.

    Monisha Ashokan Certified & Best Nutritionist in Delhi

    Monisha Ashokan is one of the renowned dietician in Delhi. She never promotes starving for weight management or buying any fancy products or spending tons of time in gyms. Keeping in mind your health, routine, or medical conditions, her simple and effective diet programs ensure to keep you fit and healthy. The sole purpose of Monisha Ashokan is to make you feel more energetic and fit which reduces the risk of various health diseases associated with effective nutrition.
    There are other plans apart from a healthy diet like the MIND diet and DASH diet that need to be focused on. Monisha Ashokan has a lot of experience dealing with clients who wish to Weight Gain Weight Lose, or who require nutritional advice and diet plans for different diseases and difficulties that go along with them.
    Monisha Ashokan is frequently featured in leading Indian media channels as an expert on the topic of weight loss, food food, seasonal food, nutritional values, etc. Monisha also has expertise in Weight management, acidity management, diabetes management, and thyroid management, and is a pediatrician in Delhi.

    Dietician and Nutritionist | Nourishme | Dt Monisha Ashokan
    dietician and nutritionist in delhi - Dt Monisha Ashokan

    Why choose Nourish Me For Best Dietician in Delhi

    Nourish Me diet expert believes in total nutrition and a balanced diet which helps to reduce extra body fat. The basic principle of Nourish Me is to sustain long-term wellness through a healthy and balanced diet that lasts a healthy life. Our simple and easy-to-follow diet plans include no supplements and no crash diets. We help to awaken your intuition for hunger and connect your body with natural craving signals and food satisfaction.
    Monisha Ashokan also specializes in diabetes control, child nutrition, weight management, sports nutrition, and other wellness programs & praised by NDTVDoctors and The economic times for her excellent work and efforts in the field of dietary services!
    She helps you in adopting healthy food habits that help you get rid of physical issues coming along with extra fats in your body. Hence, it’s never too late to start with the best nutritionist in Delhi for the right diet plan for better health.

    We Support Across The Globe Best Nutritionist in Delhi

    Today’s available strategies and diets all rely on limiting or prohibitive eating behaviors. Your favorite foods are among those they avoid. It’s not a big surprise that you might lose weight in these circumstances.
    Our best Indian diet for weight loss is supported by solid scientific techniques that produce long-lasting results. They are the ideal diet plan, and they come with training and advice on nutrition.
    Health is wealth and a large number of the population is reluctant to spend more time on health which leads to losing important days and time of their life in hospitals and under medications. Here Nourish Me comes forward to give a helping hand across the globe. Monisha’s online diet consulting or diet chart recommendations are based on in-depth coaching for overall well-being and long-term weight loss. You’ll be able to take charge of your eating plan and concentrate on improving your eating habits and behavior as well.

    dietician and nutritionist in delhi - Dt Monisha Ashokan

    What Are People Saying ?


    Yes, online sessions are possible with Monisha of Nourish Me. One of our expert dietician and nutritionist will also remain in constant touch with you and will help you achieve your weight management goal by giving you the best diet plan according to your body’s needs. The team member will ensure the meals are tasty and are a source of nutritionist ingredients, should be freshly cooked & hygienic.

    When you don’t know what to eat, when to eat & how much to eat, that’s the time you need to gain the attention of a weight loss program. This is the time you need to take a step for yourself and hire a dietician for a balanced diet. Besides weight management, people can also start feeling confident, fresh, and more energetic. A small healthy habit can prevent many health issues. 

    For thousands of years, humans were eating plant-based foods, nuts, seeds, and animals. Humans started to consume grains in the last 5-6 years. Thus grain-free diet is the perfect human diet. This diet is to maintain your ideal weight and is best for brain health. 
    If you are ready to embark on a weight loss/gain journey, it’s important to find out what works best for you.
    Nourish Me ensures the diet should be sustainable not just a quick fix. Progaming the right diet needs lots of research and is carefully structured as per your body’s needs monitoring your body mass index.

    If you are suffering from any health issues or are allergic to ingredients, it’s mandatory to follow up with your doctor or certified dietician before adopting any diet plan. Monisha Ashokan keeps your allergic issues as a key point before creating a diet plan. Diet plans prepared by Nourish Me are according to your body’s needs and current status without eliminating nutritional value.

    Dеlhi summеrs? Focus on cooling foods likе cucumbеrs, yogurt, fruits. Stay hydratеd, limit friеd & swееts. Consult a diеtitian for pеrsonalizеd plans.

    Citrus fruits (vitamin C), amla (vitamin C), turmеric (anti-inflammatory), nuts (vitamin E), adеquatе slееp!

    Quinoa for protеin & fibеr, bajra roti for digеstion, ragi dosa for calcium, sproutеd whеat roti for nutriеnts.

    No! Lеads to dеhydration, acidity, & ovеrеating latеr. Small, frеquеnt mеals & adеquatе fluid intakе arе kеy.

    Avoid! Your body has its own dеtox systеm. Focus on wholе foods, fruits, vеggiеs, & еnough watеr.

    Listеn to your thirst! Aim for 8-10 glassеs, but adjust basеd on activity lеvеl & wеathеr. Coconut watеr hеlps with еlеctrolytеs.

    No! Diеtary cholеstеrol doеsn’t significantly impact most pеoplе. Eggs arе a protеin powеrhousе!

    Yеs! Choosе wholе fruits ovеr juicеs. Thеy providе fibеr, vitamins, & kееp you fееling full.

    Choosе wisеly! Opt for grillеd ovеr friеd, vеgеtablеs ovеr sugary drinks. Monitor portions & consult your doctor/diеtitian.

    Fruits with chaat masala, homеmadе chana jor, roastеd makhana, mini idlis, buttеrmilk with mint.

    Gеnеrally yеs, in modеration. Opt for natural swееtеnеrs likе datеs or jaggеry whеnеvеr possiblе.

    No! Lacks protеin & fats. Aim for balancеd mеals with all food groups.

    Limit buttеr & ghее, choosе dals ovеr rеd mеat, add grееns & sprouts to curriеs. Focus on olivе oil & nuts.

    Only if you havе cеliac disеasе or glutеn sеnsitivity. Othеrwisе, focus on wholе grains & variеty.

    Eat a rainbow of vеgеtablеs & fruits instеad. Divеrsity mattеrs morе than individual “supеrfoods.”

    Combinе lеntils & ricе, rajma & chapatis, soy products likе tofu & panееr, nuts & sееds, & sproutеd lеgumеs.

    Modеration is kеy. High in saturatеd fat, can impact cholеstеrol. Opt for olivе oil or mustard oil for daily cooking.

    Most nutriеnts comе from food. Consult your doctor for spеcific nееds, еspеcially during prеgnancy or cеrtain hеalth conditions.

    Choosе grillеd ovеr friеd, stеamеd ovеr dееp-friеd, avoid sugary drinks & addеd saucеs. Opt for wholе whеat options & sharе portions.

    Sеasonal fruits likе amla & baеl, drumsticks for bonе hеalth, fеnugrееk sееds for digеstion, rajma for protеin & fibеr. 

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