Weight Loss

weight loss clinic

Doing everything by the book and still not losing weight? Body metabolism is hardwired to slow down with age. We at nourish not only target weight loss but also create plans to rev up your metabolism for life. Our weight loss program is based on scientific study, designed for practical living and focuses on weekly goals. We offer personalized nutritional care, curated diets for your lifestyle to revitalize eating habits. This program includes weekly monitoring of weight loss progress, body fat percentage, BMI and visceral fat. Our team of qualified and compassionate nutritionists take special care to design a program keeping in mind your physiological conditions, medical conditions, working hours, type of workout, food preferences, cravings etc. In this program we focus on reducing weight, fat percentage, inches and avoiding muscle loss. Health is not a two-month program, it’s a way of life, hence we discourage clients to seek any crash diets/fad diets that are not sustainable for a lifetime or can lead to health issues later. By the end of the journey, we assure you results, positive relationship with food and elevated self-confidence. Let’s make the path of weight loss easy!


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